How to Become our Sponsor

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Benefit for Sponsors

Broaden Your Brand Awareness and Market Share
With targeted visitors and participants, sponsors get an excellent opportunity to establish their brand in a vast teenagers market segment.

CSR in Creative Industry
A great opportunity to implement CSR in strengthening Indonesian creative industry.

CSR in creative industry

Direct Selling and Promotion
Direct selling of your products to Neo ComicFest ID visitors and opportunity for sponsors to conduct more effective promotion toward their target market.
Direct Selling and Promotion

Media Exposure
Media coverage from Neo ComicFest ID media partners.

Media Exposure

Promotional Aspects

Promotional Aspects
  • Exhibition Booth
    Comics, games, animation, musics, and other contents that are suitable for Neo ComicFest ID attendees.
  • Online Activities
    Online promotions such as online branding, online contest, and other activities.
  • Stage Time
    On-stage activities and promotional video.
  • Others
    Promotion by official guest, publication media, etc.